featured graphic for Katrina Foley for OC Supervisor District 02 during COVID-19

Association of Orange County Deputy District Attorneys endorses Katrina Foley

The Association of Orange County Deputy District Attorneys, Civic Action Committee (AOCDDA-CAC), announced their endorsement for Mayor Katrina Foley’s campaign for Orange County Supervisor. Foley is seeking election to Orange County’s 2nd Supervisorial District, in an election that will be held on Tuesday, March 9, 2021.

Cyril Yu, Chair of the Association of Orange County Deputy District Attorneys Civic Action Committee, released the following statement announcing the endorsement:

“Mayor Katrina Foley is deeply committed to protecting our neighborhoods and ensuring the equal and fair application of justice for every person. She knows that community health and safety are the first priority, and as Mayor she has worked hard to improve safety and quality of life for residents. We trust Mayor Foley with this important responsibility, and we hope you will join us in supporting her.”

The Association of Orange County Deputy District Attorneys (AOCDDA) is a voluntary, non-profit group of Deputy District Attorneys in Orange County and is not affiliated with any political party. AOCDDA created the Civic Action Committee in 1984 for the purposes of participating in political campaigns, judicial campaigns, and campaigns for local political office, and participating in the legislative and initiative process on those issues that affect public safety and the orderly administration of Justice.

Katrina Foley is a community leader, successful businesswoman, mother, wife, and attorney who became Costa Mesa’s first directly elected Mayor in November 2018. Foley also served as Mayor in 2016-2017, and has served Costa Mesa as a City Councilmember or Mayor for 12 years. Previously, she served on the Newport Mesa Unified School District Board of Trustees for 4 years.
As Mayor of Costa Mesa, Foley fought for and secured emergency financial assistance and loans for local small businesses struggling to keep their doors open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her leadership helped many businesses, including South Coast Plaza, find creative ways to safely reopen.

Foley is President of The Foley Group, PLC, which is located in Costa Mesa after 20 years in Newport Beach. In 2001 and 2004, she was honored by Women in Leadership and the National Association of Women Business Owners at the annual Remarkable Women Awards event.

Foley is a Head Start graduate who obtained her BA in English at UCLA and law degree on a scholarship to Seattle University School of Law, where she was the Chair of the Women’s Law Caucus.

This article was paid for by Katrina Foley for Supervisor 2021.


  1. It could be that Democrat Katrina Foley has the best chance of winning the Orange County Board of Supervisors seat thanks to THREE Republicans running. THREE Republicans will split the vote!

    Is that what any Republican wants???

    There is a very short window in this election cycle and many people don’t even know there is a special election for the open Orange County Board of Supervisors seat. Republicans should go with the candidate who has more name recognition and who has always done an outstanding job serving the people locally in Orange County and then up in Sacramento. John Moorlach understands what it takes for Republican policies to get through the thick wanderings of insane liberal doctrine.

    We would be very fortunate to have John Moorlach elected to the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

    Please, let’s not lose this seat to a Democrat because the Republican vote is split. That’s just insanity! Think what is best for Orange County versus what is best for you personally.

    1. Yes to whoever wrote the above comment we need to support John Moorlach. He s Smart and Honest. Also well informed that cares about the County and us.

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