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Room with a view: Second District voter information guide arrives

When Michelle Steel squeaked out a victory for Congressional District 48, unseating Harley Rouda1, she left a vacancy behind. Orange County Supervisorial District 2 has had no direct representation on the Board of Supervisors since she resigned her seat and was sworn in as a Congresswoman.

A special election to fill the vacant seat was declared for March 9. John Moorlach, a Republican who lost his State Senate re-election bid2, was the first to declare his candidacy. I quickly supported that candidacy3.

Not long after, Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley, a Democrat, declared her candidacy. A stream of endorsements, from the Democratic Party of Orange County and multiple unions, followed. Orange County Breeze has published them.

I know that Moorlach’s campaign has our submission address because we received the candidacy announcement and two endorsements, one from the Orange County Republican Party and one from the Orange County Register. After that, radio silence (so to speak).

Janet Rappaport sent us a candidacy announcement.

None of the other candidates4 has sent us squat.

Whoever gets the most votes will win the election — no majority needed. The winner will hold the seat through 2022, when new District maps to be decided on this year will take effect5.

Voting by mail begins on Monday, February 8. The County Registrar of Voters will operate thirteen full-service Vote Centers. All voting ends on March 9.

The Cities of Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Fountain Valley must wonder why their electeds want so badly to get away from them.

John Moorlach remains my personal preference. I would vote for a tree stump before I would vote to put another Democrat in office in the State of California. We are choking on Democrats. We need more balance6.

1. Harley Rouda is already running to regain the seat in November 2022.

2. I remain mystified at the reason voters turned him out of office. Somebody please explain that to me!

3. That support is personal. Orange County Breeze does not endorse candidates.

4. The other candidates listed on the practice ballot included in the voter information guide are Kevin Muldoon, Michael Vo, and Janet Rappaport. Muldoon, a Republican, is currently serving as Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Newport Beach. Michael Vo, a Republican, is currently serving as Mayor of the City of Fountain Valley. Janet Rapport, according to the voter guide, is a tax attorney. Voice of OC states that she is a Democrat.

5. Following last year’s crazy mixed-up Census, redrawing district maps for the entire State of California will provide Democrats a chance to further cement their legislative supermajority. Not that the California State Legislature has done much except hide behind Governor Newsom for the last year. Another of my unfulfilled wishes is that the California State Legislature would stand up and vote down the emergency declaration that gives Governor Newsom expanded powers. Since his emergency declaration, he has abused those powers and stepped beyond State Constitutional limits repeatedly.

6. I am not a registered Republican. I am not a registered Democrat. I am “no party preference” but often vote for moderate to conservative candidates. Few Democrats these days are moderate. Republicans who are not unreasonable are also scarce these days. John Moorlach remains reasonable. Also, he has wit and speaks well.


  1. Hello Councilman Muldoon and Mayor Vo – if this seat goes to a Democrat, both of you will be to blame!

  2. Regarding #2 – Of whom are you speaking, John Moorlach or Harley Rouda? Both men were “turned out of office” in November

    1. Author


      Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze, and for taking the time to comment on this article.

      The second footnote refers to John Moorlach. It is referenced in the phrase “a Republican who lost his State Senate re-election bid2”. As Harley Rouda is a Democrat and lost his Congressional re-election bid, the footnote could not be refering to Rouda.

      Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

      Shelley Henderson
      editor, Orange County Breeze

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