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Weather in northwest Orange County for Saturday, February 20, 2021:


Patchy fog before 10am. Otherwise, partly sunny, then gradually becoming sunny, with a high near 70. Light and variable wind becoming west 10 to 15 mph in the afternoon. Winds could gust as high as 25 mph.


Mostly clear, with a low around 46. Calm wind becoming east around 5 mph after midnight.

Temperatures are expected to rise into the upper 70s, peaking Monday, before dropping back into the lower 70s.

Courtesy of HistoryNet:

  • 1725 New Hampshire militiamen partake in the first recorded scalping of Indians by whites in North America.
  • 1726 Birth of William Prescott, U.S. Revolutionary War hero at the Battle of Bunker Hill.
  • 1792 The U.S. Postal Service is created.
  • 1809 The U.S. Supreme Court rules that the power of the federal government is greater than any individual state in the Union.
  • 1864 Confederate troops defeat a Union army sent to bring Florida into the union at the Battle of Olustee, Fla.
  • 1898 Birth of Jimmy Yancey, American blues pianist.
  • 1900 J.F. Pickering patents his airship.
  • 1902 Birth of Ansel Adams, American landscape photographer, especially of western wilderness and mountain panoramas.
  • 1915 President Woodrow Wilson opens the Panama-Pacific Expo in San Francisco to celebrate the opening of the Panama Canal.
  • 1924 Birth of Gloria Vanderbilt, fashion designer
  • 1927 Birth of Sidney Poitier, American actor, first African American male to win an Oscar (Lillies of the Field).
  • 1941 The United States sends war planes to the Pacific.
  • 1942 Lt. Edward O’Hare downs five out of nine Japanese bombers that are attacking the carrier Lexington.
  • 1943 German troops of the Afrika Korps break through the Kasserine Pass, defeating U.S. forces.
  • 1954 The Ford Foundation gives a $25 million grant to the Fund for Advancement of Education.
  • 1959 The FCC applies the equal time rule to TV newscasts of political candidates.
  • 1962 Mercury astronaut John Glenn becomes the first American to orbit the Earth.
  • 1965 Ranger 8 hits the moon and sends back 7,000 photos to the United States.
  • 1982 Carnegie Hall in New York begins $20 million in renovations.