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Kevin Faulconer criticizes Oakley School Board’s comments on school reopening

Former San Diego Mayor and California’s leading Republican gubernatorial candidate, Kevin Faulconer, issued the following statement in reaction to video that surfaced of the Oakley, Calif. school board insulting parents who wanted their schools to reopen.

“I have two kids in public schools, and I’m appalled to hear education administrators mocking and insulting the very real concerns that millions of parents are feeling right now. This out-of-touch attitude starts at the top with Gavin Newsom, who has continued to let private schools offer in-person education while erecting barriers that have locked most of California’s kids out of class. As governor I will do everything in my power to make sure our children and teachers safely return to the classroom.”

You can watch the video by clicking here.

Faulconer held an in-person press conference in-front of Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco yesterday to advocate for the immediate reopening of California’s schools. Oakley, Calif. is a suburb of San Francisco.

Learn more about Faulconer by visiting his website, KevinFaulconer.com.

This article was released by Faulconer for Governor 2022.