featured graphic for Cypress city news during COVID-19. Background photo by C.E.H. Wiedel. Seal of the City of Cypress courtesy of the City of Cypress.

Cypress Council approves home-based business grant program

At its regular meeting on Monday, February 22, the Cypress City Council approved a $200,000 home-based business grant program designed to help that category of business that has, until now, been left out of government relief efforts in regards to the ill effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior business relief grants were restricted by the source of funds. Because the $200,000 that will be used to fund the home-based business grant program comes from the City of Cypress general fund, the Council has great latitude for how to use it.

The plan, as designed and presented by City staff, will provide $2,500 individual grants to 80 home-based businesses. Eligibility requirements include:

  • for-profit operated out of a resident in Cypress;
  • the primary source of income for the resident;
  • adverse financial impact from COVID-19;
  • a decline in revenue from 2019 to 2020 of at least 20%;
  • gross revenues prior to the pandemic of at least $50,000.

Additionally, the business must have a current business license in the City of Cypress that has been active since at least December 31, 2019.

Tax returns will be required to document eligibility requirements.

Applications for the grants will be available at the City of Cypress website shortly. City staff expects to distribute grants by late March or early April.

Other pandemic-related news

City Manager Pete Grant shared with the Council that health metrics for the County of Orange are at last headed in the right direction. Three of the four metrics required for the County to move from the Purple Tier to the Red Tier are now within the Red Tier limits, and County officials expect the fourth criterion to follow by March 2. If that is so, the County will be able to move to the Red Tier two weeks later, on March 16.

Supplies of the COVID-19 vaccine are still limited by production and distribution bottlenecks. Officials foresee that the expected approval of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine by the Federal Drug Administration will help in two or three weeks. In the meantime, expect cancelled or delayed appointments as the distribution disruption from recent extreme weather smooths out. However, second dose appointments should not be cancelled or delayed because sufficient supply was reserved for that purpose.

For more information about current COVID-19 conditions, check the Orange County COVID-19 webpage.