featured graphic for Kevin Faulconer for governor during COVID-19

Kevin Faulconer responds to Gavin Newsom’s failures on schools, calls for immediate reopening of all schools

Former San Diego Mayor and California gubernatorial candidate Kevin Faulconer released the following statement in response to elitist Gavin Newsom’s press conference:

“Kids in all grade levels, in all school districts, deserve to be back in school now. The partial reopening plan announced by Gavin Newsom today isn’t even close to good enough for our kids and teachers. For months, Newsom has ignored science and left public schools across our state shuttered while private schools are open. Failing to reopen schools has had a devastating toll on students and their families, and our incompetent elitist governor is to blame for that. For him to tout this as an accomplishment after months of inexcusable failures shows how out of touch he is, and why he should be recalled.”

This article was released by Faulconer for Governor 2022.