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Experience Southern Gothic Alt-country Blues with Amythyst Kiah

Singer-songwriter Amythyst Kiah has emerged as one of Americana’s greatest up and coming artists over the past few years. She is a Grammy-nominated member of Our Native Daughters and known for her provocative and fierce boundary-crossing solo work that takes inspiration from bluegrass, Celtic, alternative rock, folk, country, and blues in what she calls her “Southern Gothic alt-country blues style.”

She has been hailed in Rolling Stone as “one of roots music’s most exciting emerging talents, blending a deep knowledge of old-time music with sensibilities spanning classic country to contemporary R&B.”

Join Amythyst Kiah this Friday, March 5 for a free live-at-home concert and Q & A discussion about bluegrass guitar Celtic music, and the intermingling of multicultural influences that create her boundary-crossing “Southern Gothic alt-country blues” style.

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