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NOCCCD Chancellor Cheryl Marshall announces retirement

North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD) Chancellor Cheryl Marshall announced plans on January 26, 2021 to retire, effective fall 2021, after five years of service to the District and more than 25 years of service in higher education. Dr. Marshall has served as the 8th Chancellor of NOCCCD since 2016, overseeing one of the largest community college districts in the state with an annual budget of approximately $320 million, 2,795 faculty and staff, and nearly 78,000 students enrolling each year at Cypress College, Fullerton College, or North Orange Continuing Education.

“It has been a true honor to serve the District as Chancellor for the past five years,” shared Dr. Marshall. “I couldn’t have asked for a better place to finish out my full-time career.”

NOCCCD Board of Trustees President Barbara Dunsheath said of Dr. Marshall, “She’s been one of the best chancellors in the state. Dr. Marshall is collegial, forthright, and a leader in organizational knowledge. She knows how to be an agent of change and set strategic directions.”

During her tenure at NOCCCD, Chancellor Marshall increased dual enrollment with K-12 districts, created a leadership academy for employees, and oversaw the development of the 2021-2030 Educational and Facilities Master Plan. One of her most notable achievements was granting all first-time, full-time college students two years of tuition-free education at Cypress College, Fullerton College, or North Orange Continuing Education through the North Orange Promise program.

Prior to joining NOCCCD, Dr. Marshall’s higher education experience ranged from President to Vice President of Instruction, Director for the Center of Excellence, and teacher and/or facilitator of a variety of business courses and seminars. She has served on numerous executive committees at the local, regional, and state level; including being elected as the Vice President for Southern California of the Chief Executive Officers Board of the California Community Colleges.

Chancellor Marshall earned a doctorate of education from the University of Southern California and a master of arts in industrial/organizational psychology from California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB). In 2013, Dr. Marshall was inducted into CSUSB’s College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Hall of Fame, and, in 2014, she was selected by Senator Mike Morrell as a Woman of Distinction.

National Chancellor Search
The District is conducting a national search to instate a new NOCCCD Chancellor by fall 2021. Chancellor applicants are first screened by management, faculty, staff, and students from each campus, as well as District representatives. Together with two community members, an equal opportunity/diversity representative, and an appointed committee chair, the selection group will choose at least three finalists for the Board of Trustees to vote on. These finalists will participate in campus forums before the final selection is made. More information will be made available at www.nocccd.edu.

This article was released by the North Orange County Community College District.