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California College Republicans formally condemn Rep. Valadao

The California College Republicans (CCR) have voted to formally condemn Congressman David Valadao (R-CA21) for his vote to impeach President Donald Trump on January 13, 2021. This action makes CCR the first statewide Republican organization to hold Valadao accountable. CCR also voted to condemn Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) for her vote to impeach the President.

This vote follows local condemnation from the Fresno County Republican Party on January 13th, saying it “strongly condemns Congressman David Valadao,” and that “Valadao’s vote has shocked his constituents.” President Trump addressed Valadao at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in February, saying, “The Democrats don’t have grandstanders like … David Valadao …. Get rid of [Congressmen that voted for impeachment].”

“The California College Republicans are proud to lead the California Republican response to Congressman Valadao’s shameful undermining of the conservative agenda. To have supported the impeachment of President Trump was to support the witch hunt by the radical Democrats, strengthen their narrative, and strengthen their policy pursuits by tearing down the leader of our Party. It was unacceptable, and it does not represent Valadao’s Republican constituents. We will be supporting a primary challenge to the Congressman. There is no room in our Party for those that seek to actively tear it down. We call those people ‘Republicans in name only’ – RINOs,” said Nick Ortiz, Chairman of the California College Republicans.

CCR is happy to represent Republicans throughout California with this vote to condemn Congressman Valadao. Those that are upset with him for turning his back on the Party can take heart in knowing that one statewide Republican organization is willing to stand up and push back. We look forward to supporting a Republican challenge in the 21st Congressional District.

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This article was released by the California College Republicans.

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  1. EXCELLENT that there is at least one statewide California Republican organization with spine to condemn Congressman David Valadao (R-CA21) on his impeachment vote. Trumplicans are looking forward to Valadao being primaried out.

    You won’t get any condemnation of Valadao from CAGOP because that organization’s chair is Never Trumper Jessica Patterson. By the way, people involved with the Newsom Recall have told me that CAGOP did very little with the Newsom Recall effort until the last few weeks when it became obvious that the necessary signatures would be gathered by the deadline.

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