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Letter to the Editor: John Moorlach: Huge Loss For Orange County

Dear Editor,

California and Orange County has lost a true PATRIOT whose sole purpose was to serve the constituents in CA and Orange County thru his expertise in numbers, legislation, family and the Constitution.

John gained the nations attention 25 years ago by guiding Orange County out of a ruinous bankruptcy, warning that Orange County’s highly leveraged investment strategies would lead to fiscal disaster. He was appointed Orange Count Treasurer-tax Collector (1995-2006) as a CPA and Certified Financial Planner to put the County on a long-term path of success. Managing a portfolio of $7 billion he used his expertise during the Great Recession to implement policy changes that helped the County avoid fiscal disasters that other regions of our county experienced. He guided the County’s exit from Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection within 18 months and achieved more than $800 million in litigation settlements.

John has served well as an officer of the County of Orange for some 20 years and served on the platform that would lead the County to fiscal health. He accomplished all the goals needed to put Orange County back on financial accountability.

Then in 2009, the people of Orange County elected John to a seat on the Orange County Board of Supervisors, District 2 for 9 years. During his tenure he steered Orange County with lower tax rates than any large metropolitan area in the state. He used his anti-tax principles to defeat Measure R that would raise the county’s taxes and the people believed in John’s sound reasoning to defeat Measure R by a 2 to 1 vote. He used his expert skills through the challenges of fiscal insanity, helping homelessness, pursing legislation to assist those with severe mental illness, like SB 640 to expand the definition of those that are gravely disabled. He pursued additional psychiatric beds with SB 1273 and published a pamphlet on the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act.

John served six years in Sacramento as the Legislatures’ only member who was trained as a CPA. He was known as a steadfast protector of the people and their tax dollars, and was recognized as the “fiscal conscience” of the California Legislature. During the last six years he has relentlessly opposed taxes, especially the $5 billion hated gas tax of 2017, and he opposed SB 145 speaking on the Senate floor against this bill known as the pedophile law.

John Moorlach’s defeat March 10th is a loss for Orange County as well as California due mainly to Republicans who centered on their own aspirations without considering what would be best for Orange County.

A sad commentary!!

Jeanne Goodin
Eagle Forum of CA, Founder & Vice Pres. E.F of CA State Board of Directors, 1983-2013 emeritus, Eagle Forum Long Beach Chapter president, 1987-2013, retired


  1. The Republican party is partly to blame. John Moorlach supported President Trump. Our GOP leader, Jessica Patterson, is not a Trump supporter. Did she really help John with his campaign? Did she really try to get Muldoon and Vo to sit down? These are questions I would like answered. Moorlach should not have lost.

  2. John Moorlach’s loss was a another political hit job from the hacks that control this state. Quite simply, John is an exceptional CPA and financial manager who was telling the truth about how bankrupt the State of CA really is from the Pumblechook’s who have been in control & power for over 20 years. Hopefully he will be back soon.

  3. No one should ever vote for Kevin Muldoon or Michael Vo again because they selfishly destroyed the Republican chance to hold that Orange County Board of Supervisors seat. If Kevin Muldoon was so outstanding, he would have gathered more votes than John Moorlach. The fact that Muldoon did so poorly (just a few thousand more votes over Vo) and came in a distant second place among Republican voters tells the true story.

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