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The Youth Center expands focus on children’s mental health and wellness

The Youth Center announced today the expansion of their Mental Wellness program in the wake of the past year and the continuation of adverse Covid-19 experiences through the incorporation of additional staff, classes and mindfulness activities.

Though the physical effects of the Coronavirus have not been as serious for children compared to adults, the mental health impacts have been just as severe, if not worse, according to a panel of experts who recently participated in a U.S. News & World webinar on “Managing Children’s Mental Health: A Pediatric Hospital Imperative.

Many local children, as a result of the Pandemic, are dealing with death, illness, economic and housing instability, loss of daily school routines and often, isolation from caregivers or loved ones, such as grandparents.

The Youth Center is concerned for our local children, and although funds are down considerably over the past year, instead of cutting back on services, they are adding vital Mental Health and Wellness programs, staff and materials in a concerted effort to combat the adverse effects of these difficult times and prevent the onset of depression, anxiety and other negative health outcomes. These services provide life and coping skills to children not available in most homes or at school. Recently added initiatives include yoga classes, mindfulness classes, stretching/exercise classes, dance classes, stress management, and meditation, all with a focus on mental health and wellness.

“Since implementing our Mental Health and Wellness classes, the kids appear healthier and happier overall,” stated Kim Lazaro, Program Supervisor at The Youth Center. “I’ve seen the kids participate more in group activities, and they are excited to get involved, whether it’s a dance class, meditation, or exercise class,” she continued.

“Parents were growing more and more concerned about the amount of time their kids were spending in front of screens,” said Lina Lumme, Executive Director of The Youth Center. “Our Mental Wellness programs were designed to help the kids become more active and relaxed, while taking them away from their screens,” she concluded.

For more information about The Youth Center’s Mental Health and Wellness programs, or to donate and help support these programs, visit www.theyouthcenter.org.

The Youth Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is to transform children’s lives one family at a time through collaborative social, educational and recreational programs. Since the birth of the Youth Center in 1952, The Youth Center has been honored to establish valuable partnerships within the community and acknowledges their critical importance in the organization’s current and future success. For additional information on The Youth Center, please call 562.493.4043 or visit www.TheYouthCenter.org.

This article was released by The Youth Center.