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Editorial writer for Southern California News Group speaks to Republican Women on State issues, especially housing

West Orange County Republican Women Federated is proud that throughout the pandemic, they continued holding monthly meetings. From Zoom to backyards, members gathered and remained informed about local, state and national events. As California started reopening the club moved its March 20 meeting to a local venue with guest speaker the award-winning conservative columnist Susan Shelley. Shelley is an editorial writer for the Southern California News Group.

Shown left to right: VP Programs Mari Barke, Susan Shelley, Hilda Zaruba and Melody Charles. Courtesy photo.
Shown left to right: VP Programs Mari Barke, Susan Shelley, Hilda Zaruba and Melody Charles. Courtesy photo.

Among the key issues Shelley discussed, she focused on Gov. Newsom and Sacramento liberals wanting to change the private home residential landscape by removing single-family zoning. Shelley spoke about how a neighborhood’s personality would be drastically altered if this was allowed. Where one house would have been built, now that same space could hold a duplex or fourplex, increasing the number of renters versus single family homeowners in the community.

“As with so much else coming out of Sacramento, destroying the personality of residential neighborhoods is at the top of the liberal agenda,” said WOC RWF President Nancy Hathcock. “It’s not just removing single-family zoning. The state is easing restrictions on accessory dwelling units (ADU). Also known as ‘granny flats.’ Homeowners will soon be able to put tiny prefab housing in their side or backyards as income-generating rental units. Suddenly, a street with 20 single-family homes could have an additional 20 rental properties. Or more, depending on the city’s zoning code changes for converting garages into rental units.” Hathcock added that ADUs built to provide homeowners with a separate workspace or to house aging relatives are not the issue.

Attendees agreed that if liberal Democrats didn’t demand numerous costly regulations, more affordable housing could be built without destroying lower- and middle-class residential communities. “It’s doubtful that affluent neighborhoods will have fourplex housing on their streets or granny flats in their spacious backyards,” said Hathcock.

The atmosphere at the West Orange Country RWF meeting was excitingly positive. Republicans believe that as Sacramento and Washington issue mandates and pass laws that hurt the lower- and middle-class, more Californians will want to Make California Red Again. Hathcock pointed out that the club’s March 20 meeting had one of its highest turnouts with many women joining during the program.

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