featured graphic for Lee Elementary School during COVID-19

Starting March 22, 2021, fifth graders at Lee Elementary School participated in a week-long event called 5th Grade Next Level. Lee Elementary’s PTA partnered with the City of Los Alamitos Recreation and Community Services Department to host activities on campus during the school day and four nighttime events. During the day on campus, students participated in team building activities led by the 5th grade teachers, crafts, and physical team competitions. In the evenings, the Los Alamitos Recreation & Community Services staff led student teams through a rotation of stations including rock wall climbing, physical fitness obstacle courses, trivia, and an Arbor Day activity in partnership with Rossmoor Community Services District at the two-day Scavenger Hunt Nights at Rossmoor Park. The Park-a-palooza evening event took place at Little Cottonwood Park and included astronomy, s’mores, team competitions, magic, and snow play. The week closed out with a drive-in movie night for fifth graders at Little Cottonwood Park.

The partnership between Lee Elementary’s PTA, the Rossmoor Community Services District, and the City of Los Alamitos helped to create a memorable week of experiences for this year’s 5th graders. The activities promoted leadership, fostered teamwork, developed student confidence and created a shared experience which helps students connect with one another. Principal Amy Vento said, “5th Grade Next Level allowed our students time to bond with others and create memories they will treasure for years to come.”

The article above was released by the City of Los Alamitos.