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Update on Hybrid and plans for LAUSD’s 2021-22 School Year

Dear Los Alamitos Unified School District Staff, Families and Community,

We are fortunate to serve a community that has been our dedicated partner in opening both our Hybrid and [email protected] schooling options for our students. This has been a difficult task for all and an even more difficult adjustment for our families. In a year that has thrown many curve balls, we have remained Better Together, united in a common interest to provide the best we can for Los Alamitos USD students and families.

On the recent survey sent to all families enrolled in our Hybrid setting, approximately two-thirds of our Hybrid families responded and more than 65% of those responses indicated a desire to transition to an extended school day beginning in late April/early May for the last few weeks of school. Many expressed their desire to increase classroom time as much as possible and to unite both A and B Cohorts together before the end of the year. We also had over 1,200 families indicate a desire to remain in the Hybrid model due to the impact another change would have on their family. Many of these families reached out stating that as much as they would welcome additional in-person instructional opportunities, any change this late in the school year would create a significant hardship for their family. They shared how they have already altered their work schedules, arranged for different drop-off and pick-up schedules, and secured child care options that now would create disruptive and difficult challenges for their family the last few weeks of school. While our goal is to serve the diverse needs of our families, the decision on how we best meet competing and compelling needs makes any decision more complex and nuanced.

After thoughtful and careful consideration of feedback received, we have decided to remain in the Hybrid setting through the end of the school year. While other school districts around the nation, state, and county are only now reopening for in-person instruction, Los Al USD has offered in-person instruction since September 2020 and has accommodated the needs of our students and families throughout the year, when space has been available. The diligent efforts we took early in the summer to maximize in-person instructional opportunities has positively impacted our students. We pushed back the start date of our school year to the end of August, successfully submitted a CDPH Elementary School Waiver and chose a Hybrid setting that brings students to school four to five days a week. Our team of teachers, staff and administrators has worked methodically, deliberately, and tirelessly to ensure the experience is as smooth, safe, robust, and successful as possible.

2021-22 School Year Update – All Schools Return to Full Time In-Person Instruction
We are pleased to announce our plan is to resume a full-day, traditional in-person instructional model at all elementary, middle and high schools for the 2021-22 school year. The first day of school is Monday, August 16 for all schools except Weaver Elementary which starts on Wednesday, August 4. We will continue to adhere to the health and safety guidelines established by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA).

More Evidence We Are Returning to a Renewed Sense of Normalcy
As a result of our collective efforts with students, staff and families, our District continues to take more steps toward normalcy in ways we have not seen for more than a year. This includes:

  • Orange County is entering the Orange Tier this week
  • Youth sports have resumed, in accordance with state and local guidelines.
  • Updated classroom guidelines provide greater flexibility for in-person instruction
  • All schools have announced that they are planning for in-person graduation ceremonies.
  • All schools are planning for in-person end of the year activities for students
  • Los Al USD will be offering in-person Summer School and Summer Bridge programs
  • District outdoor facilities are now open to outside user group reservations
  • Los Al USD teachers and staff continue to receive COVID-19 vaccines as essential workers in the state’s safe reopening plans with over 75% reporting already being vaccinated.

On behalf of our Board of Trustees and the entire Los Alamitos USD Family, we want to extend heartfelt thanks to each of you for the patience, understanding, support, determination, and grit you have demonstrated in working as our partners through the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an extraordinary community of students, teachers, support staff, administrators and families who have worked together to ensure that our students’ ongoing educational needs are met at the highest levels, and we can all take pride in what is being accomplished.

Wishing you all a wonderful and restful upcoming spring break. Stay well and know that we are truly Better Together!

This article was written by Andrew Pulver, Ed.D, Superintendent of Los Alamitos Unified School District.