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SAVE LIVES Act allows VA to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to all Veterans, their spouses and certain caregivers

featured graphic for VA Long Beach Healthcare System during COVID-19

featured graphic for VA Long Beach Healthcare System during COVID-19

Recent legislation signed into law by President Biden now allows the VA to vaccinate all Veterans, enrolled or not, with any discharge status other than Dishonorable or Bad Conduct. Additionally, it also allows for spouses of Veterans and certain Veteran caregivers enrolled in VA caregiver support programs to be vaccinated.

Enrolled Veterans
If you are currently enrolled in VA health care, you can schedule your vaccine appointment by calling 562-826-5300.

Non-Enrolled Veterans and Veteran Spouses

Veterans or Veteran spouses not currently enrolled in VA programs will need to fill out the linked form and bring it to the Enrollment and Eligibility Office at the Tibor Rubin VA Medical Center. Once submitted, we will schedule your vaccine with any available same day appointment or if unavailable, the next appointment available (usually within days). The Enrollment and Eligibility Office is located in Building 126 (11 story building at the front of the campus), just steps beyond the main Lobby. To expedite your enrollment, we ask all non-enrolled Veterans to bring your DD-214 or any VA Benefit letter. If you do not have these documents, every attempt will be made to verify your Veterans status through VA Records Systems.

Veteran Caregiver Support Programs

If you are currently enrolled in any of the of the programs listed below, you can call 562-826-5300 to either schedule your vaccine appointment or be helped with the process

This article was released by the VA Long Beach Healthcare System.
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