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Republican Governors Association: Recall seems to be changing Newsom’s tune

Gavin Newsom announced a new effort to FINALLY reopen California’s economy. It would almost be funny how quickly Newsom was spurred into action once a recall against him picked up steam, except that the cost of Newsom’s failures are devastating to people and businesses across California.

“Today’s politically-motivated announcement is too little too late from Gavin Newsom,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “While Newsom continued to live by a different set of rules than those he mandated on everyone else, his failed leadership wreaked havoc on the state: tens of thousands of businesses have closed permanently, one of the highest state unemployment rates in the country, and as of last month 82% of students still didn’t have an option for in-person learning.”

This article was released by the Republican Governors Association.

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  1. Republican Governors Association? Their main program is to lower voter participation because they can’t win legitimately. The only way Newsom is recalled is by Democrats that are tired of his elitism and corruption. The Republicans cannot govern, to them it is all about causing a culture war.

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