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Jay Chen criticizes Rep. Young Kim for her inaction following local mass shooting

Lt. Commander Jay Chen, candidate for Congress in California’s 39th Congressional District, released the following statement condemning Rep. Young Kim for her dangerous and out of touch gun record in response to a local mass shooting:

“As a Lt. Commander in the U.S. Navy who has been trained to operate firearms, I am in favor of the President’s plan to curb the gun violence epidemic by closing gun loopholes. Biden’s executive actions to regulate ghost gun kits and subject modified pistols to the National Firearms Act will keep our communities safe from bad actors. I am disappointed to learn that Representative Young Kim has rejected these precautionary measures and voted against bipartisan efforts to keep our community safe at every turn,” said Lt. Commander Jay Chen.

“Just last month Young Kim voted no on two common-sense bipartisan background check bills only days before we experienced a mass shooting here in Orange County. She offered nothing more than her ‘thoughts and prayers’,” Chen continued. “We can’t trust Young Kim on guns and we must hold her accountable for her inaction. In the Assembly, Kim voted against requiring gun owners to register modified pistols and voted against regulating homemade ghost guns. She is completely beholden to the gun lobby.”

Young Kim, who received an “A” rating from the NRA, has established a long history of siding with the gun lobby over the safety of children and families. Her legislative record includes:

  • Voting against expanding the definition of firearms to stop the creation of homemade weapons without serial numbers called “ghost guns.”
  • Voting against redefining “Assault Weapons” to include semiautomatic centerfire rifles or pistols that do not have a fixed magazine and requiring owners to register the guns with the state.
  • Voting against prohibiting concealed weapons on school grounds.
  • Voting against prohibiting the possession of large-capacity magazines.
  • Voting against expanding the list of individuals who could petition for a gun violence restraining order.
  • Voting against background check requirements for firearm transfers between private parties.
This article was released by Jay Chen for Congress.

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  1. Jay Chen wants to run against Young Kim in 2022 so he will come out against everything Kim does. I am not Rep Kim’s biggest fan, but Chen’s news releases border on ridiculous. His publicity team probably has a stack of news releases ready to go:

    “Jay Chen Crticizes Young Kim on Her Inaction Following _____”

    Mr. Chen, the United States can’t have perpetual campaigns. We need time to breath. Please hold all your news releases until 2022. That will still give you 10+ months to complain.

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