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Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do and Supervisor Donald P. Wagner oppose government-issued vaccine passports

In response to public concerns over vaccine passports, Orange County Supervisors Chairman Andrew Do and Donald P. Wagner have provided statements against government-issued vaccine passports.

Each Supervisor upholds that vaccinations should never be required to access government services, and government must never discriminate against its citizens.

Supervisor Andrew Do said, “This is America. Under no circumstances would or should we ever need a passport to live and get services within our community.”

Supervisor Don Wagner continues to oppose heavy-handed, counterproductive government responses to COVID and said, “The science has not justified the indiscriminate lockdowns from the state. I also see no justification for a vaccine passport. It is no business of the government telling free citizens where they may travel, and government must never discriminate against its citizens because of their vaccine status.”

Both Supervisor Do and Supervisor Wagner would support the County in certifying an individual’s vaccine status if those adults got the vaccine through the county and only if an individual requests verification to keep their medical records updated.

Supervisor Do proudly serves the First District. Supervisor Wagner is honored to serve the Third District at the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

This article was released jointly by the Office of Supervisor Andrew Do and the Office of Supervisor Donald P. Wagner.


  1. The CORRECT answer to the “vaccine passport” issue would have been to start TERMINATION proceedings against Dr. Chau. He is a petty tyrant attempting to pose Draconian laws against a free people. YOUR failure to PROTECT the FREEDOMS of your constiutents does not speak well of your committment to those freedoms.

  2. Thank you Supervisor Do and Wagner for standing up for individual decisions as to vaccinate or not, it might be very personal for an individual and should not be a public issue to get services in the United States.

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