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CIF interpretation of CDPH updated guidance

The following is a summary of guidelines applicable to CIF regarding the updated youth sports guidance document issued by the California Department of Public Health on April 6, 2021. As a reminder, it is the expectation of the CIF that its member schools will adhere to all State and local county health department guidance.

Inter-Team Events
Inter-team competitions, meets, races, or similar events are permitted to occur only with other teams within the state. Local Health Departments to be notified of any cross-county (multiple counties) competitions within their jurisdiction and reserve the right under their own discretion to deny the competition at any time in their jurisdiction. Teams participating in cross-county (multiple counties) competitions will follow the more stringent rules if the participating teams are coming from counties that may be at different case rate thresholds.

No tournaments or events that involve more than two teams may occur. (For example, multi-team contests such as volleyball or wrestling tournaments and basketball showcase events may not occur). Exceptions may be made, with authorization from the local health department where the event is being held and each of the local health departments where teams originate from, for the sports listed below where individual competitors from multiple teams are routine: track and field; cross country; golf; skiing/snowboarding; tennis; swimming/diving/surfing. (Competition between two schools in the aforementioned team sports does not need county approval.) A single team may only play another single team within the same day. (Doubleheader between same two teams is permitted).

Outdoor event spectators and observers are permitted pursuant to Outdoor Seated Live Events and Performances.

Spectators and observers for indoor sports is limited to observation of youth sports (age 18 years and under) and is further limited to immediate household members for the strict purpose of age-appropriate supervision. This prohibition shall remain in effect until such time as Indoor Seated Live Events and Performance Guidance is posted and becomes effective.

This is not meant to be inclusive of all details in the updated CDPH guidance but a summary of the main areas applicable regarding education-based athletics. Please go to the link below for more information and to view the CDPH guidance document in its entirety.


This is a summary of the CIF’s interpretation of the updated CDPH guidance for outdoor and indoor youth sports. This summary is not intended as legal advice.

This article was released by the CIF.