featured graphic for online security during COVID-19

A glitch here, a glitch there during update of oc-breeze.com

Our IT department spent a goodly chunk of the weekend updating our flagship website, oc-breeze.com, to fully utilize https, the secure protocol for transmission over the World Wide Web.

Indeed, the IT department continues its work as glitches are found, untangled, and evened out.

You and all our readers should now see a closed lock icon in your browser window when you visit our website.

The primary reason for using the secure protocol is to protect the personal and financial information of our readers. Although Orange County Breeze does not collect financial information at oc-breeze.com, we were pointedly reminded by Google that we needed to move from unsecured http to secure https.

Google speaks softly, but carries a big stick. Websites not using the secure protocol got dumped to the bottom of the search results starting May 1.

Other updates will include optimizing for viewing on a mobile device and more. The IT department will be busy.

We regret any inconvenience to you, our readers, and deeply apprciate your patience.