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OCTA encourages people to safely ‘Bike Everywhere’ in May

The Orange County Transportation Authority is encouraging people of all ages, including those working from home, to stay active and get outdoors to safely travel by bicycle during the month of May.

OCTA is leading a monthlong challenge called Bike Everywhere Month. Participants are encouraged to pledge to ride as many days as they can during May – for better health and to discover the fun and convenience of active transportation.

Bike to Work Week is traditionally observed in May. This year, due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the increase in remote work, OCTA has tailored the program with added flexibility to meet the current needs and schedules of Orange County bicyclists.

Orange County has plenty of options for cyclists, from the foothills to the beaches, with more than 1,000 miles of bikeways. Also, the more people choose to ride a bike as an alternative to getting behind the wheel of a car, the better it is for Orange County’s air quality.

During the Bike Everywhere Month challenge, participants can choose various activities such as:

  • Bike with a family member or friend
  • Bike to run an errand, or
  • Bike on a new trail.

More adventurous cyclists can pledge to ride longer distances.

By pledging online at www.octa.net/bikeeverywheremonth, participants can earn entries for prizes.

Pledging to ride 1-10 days earns one entry, 11-20 days earns two entries, and 21-31 days earns three entries.

Those prizes, sponsored by Spectrumotion and Jax Bicycle Centers, include a Trek FX2 Disc Bike and a Saris Bones 2-bicycle bike rack.

OCTA also encourages cyclists to bike smart and stay safe. For bicycle safety tips, please visit www.octa.net/bike.

This article was released by the Orange County Transportation Authority.