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Rescue CA: Newsom changes course again and plays Californians for fools – again!

Chalk another one up for the pressure of the recall on Gavin Newsom’s policies.

Thanks to increasing pressure from the Newsom recall movement and the 2.1 million Californians that signed the petition, Governor Gavin Newsom announced something he has never done before. That is a plan to return money to Californians in a $12 billion direct tax rebate. Just call it your “Recall Refund.”

However, taxpayers should not celebrate just yet. As Governor Newsom announced a $75 billion budget surplus, his allies in the legislature were considering hundreds of billions of dollars in new taxes!

When announcing the “Recall Refund,” Newsom actually said, “We believe people are better suited than we are to make determinations for themselves on how best to use these dollars.”

“Governor Gavin Newsom hasn’t become taxpayer-friendly,” Said Rescue CA Chairman Tom Del Beccaro. “He is just facing political pressure from the people of California. Does he really think we are going to believe that he is some kind of born-again tax-cutting crusader?”

“This is crazy—so essentially, he is rebating $12 billion when the surplus is $75 billion but billing the taxpayers $250 billion later. This is incredible,” said OC Supervisor Don Wagner, an Honorary Chair of Rescue California.

“Gavin Newsom is playing rope-a-dope with Californians again,” said Rescue California Campaign Manager Anne Hyde Dunsmore. “You’d think he would have learned by now that we aren’t that stupid. The citizens of this great state know that he promises a refund while he is plotting a massive tax increase.”

In case you missed it: George Skelton of the Los Angeles Times chronicles the threat of new taxes.


  1. Gavin Newsom has done his best to destroy California. If it wasn’t for the recall, we’d be walking around wearing three masks and only shopping at Big Box stores since all the small businesses would have been gone. Whether he’s recalled in 2021 or 2022, Newsom needs to go.

    Biden, who stole the election and shows early signs of dementia, also needs to go with his disastrous “America Last” policies. Just as the United States needs President Trump and his “America First” policies, California needs a governor with a “California First” mindset. Not sure if the recall will get rid of him, but it pushed Newsom to reopen the state. The recall also means we can look forward to months highlighting all of Gavin Newsom’s many failures.

  2. This article should have a “sponsored content” label at the top. Joke journalism.

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  3. I’m about to write a $4000 check to the IRS, thanks to the Trump Tax-not-Cut of 2017 and a $2200 check to Sacramento for Newsom’s surplus replenishment fund. We already got rid of Trump and may take awhile to undo his Federal tax increase on Californians, now we have a chance to get rid of Newsom before the next regular election. Hey Gavin, you want my vote to save your job? Send me a check for $2200 before the recall election ballot arrives in the mail and maybe I will save your worthless rear-end

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