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New poll shows Newsom’s weakness as recall ramps up

A new poll published by the Los Angeles Times this morning reveals a fundamental weakness in Governor Gavin Newsom’s position as the Recall campaign enters phase two when voters begin to focus. Key findings include Newsom’s job approval, which stands at an unimpressive 52 percent, and the fact that voters are evenly split, 45 percent right to 46 percent wrong, on the direction of the state. The poll also indicates that Republican voter interest in the Recall election more than doubles that of Democrats.

“In a state with an overwhelming Democratic advantage in voter registration, Gavin Newsom’s job approval rating barely exceeds 50 percent, and voters are evenly split on whether the state is headed in the right or wrong direction, ” said Rescue California Campaign Chairman Tom Del Beccaro. “Gavin Newsom’s arrogance and complete lack of leadership and competence dealing with everything from homelessness to the cost of living, to public safety and the pandemic has left him in a fragile position to defend himself.”

“Our volunteers are highly motivated, and the voters are ready for a change,” said Rescue California Campaign Manager Anne Hyde Dunsmore. “The coalition that produced 2.1 million signatures on recall petitions is growing daily and includes people of all political persuasions.”

The poll also indicated that Democratic voters are showing little interest in the election, an extremely troublesome development for the Governor.

In 2003 Rescue California was credited with recalling Governor Gray Davis. Today, Rescue California’s mission is, once again, to assist in the efforts to recall another failed Governor and is one of the lead committees to collect the 2.1 million signatures submitted, triggering the recall process.

This article was released by Rescue California.

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  1. This “poll” is no more believable than were the polls in 2016 that said Hillary would be elected President. I don’t know if this is Rescue California smoking weed and releasing this or the media (LA Times) trying to make the recall look like a close contest in order to sell more papers and online ad space. Nice try guys, I’m not believing it.

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