featured graphic for Anne Marie Schubert for Attorney General during COVID-19

Attorney General Candidate Anne Marie Schubert launches first campaign ad

Anne Marie Schubert’s campaign for Attorney General launched its first campaign ad today showing appointed Attorney General Rob Bonta’s votes for a law that allows criminals who bring guns to a school or even to the Capitol to continue to own guns. Under AB 3234, dangerous criminals who commit gun crimes can receive diversion, meaning they are not prosecuted. The result is that they can continue to hold gun licenses despite the grave threat they pose to the public. Bonta voted for this shocking law three times.

With gun violence spiraling out of control in California, reckless laws like this are contributing to the chaos and weaken California’s long history of being tough on criminals who commit crimes with guns.

Today, Schubert called on Bonta to support the repeal of AB 3234. “Bonta’s reckless votes to weaken California’s gun laws are contributing to the chaos engulfing Los Angeles and San Francisco. As the appointed Attorney General, Bonta should lead on gun violence rather than continuing to defend his dangerous votes. This leadership would begin with Bonta supporting the repeal of AB 3234.”

This article was released by Schubert for Attorney General 2022.