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Letter to the Editor: Don’t vote for Republicans who don’t stand up for conservative values

Dear Editor:

We are Greater Long Beach and West Orange County Republican women and men who live in and around Los Alamitos and are very disappointed that Diana Hill, the lone Republican on the Los Alamitos Unified School Board, voted with the four Democrats to approve the racist social justice/ethnic studies curriculum. Why vote for a Republican if he or she won’t stand up for conservative Republican values?


Steve Admundson – Huntington Beach
E. Castillo – Stanton
Doris Castillo George – Long Beach
Tammy Cavanaugh – Long Beach
Beth Culver – Cypress
Sancia Duffy – Cypress
Steve Duke – Los Alamitos
Arlene Gellerman – Cypress
James George – Long Beach
Ed Goldberg – Los Alamitos
Grace Holdaway – Seal Beach
Cherilyn Hurst – Los Alamitos
Glenn Kovanda – Los Alamitos
Robin Itzler – Cypress
Lisa Kraschitzer – Cypress
Marilyn Low – Cypress
Beverly Norberg – Long Beach
John Passanisi – Los Alamitos
Gayle Posner – Los Alamitos
Sharalyn Reed – Seal Beach
Harriette Reid – Long Beach
Diane Rush – Los Alamitos
Cynthia Senteno – Los Alamitos
Lorna Seymour – Cypress
Karen Swenson – Los Alamitos
Norma Taylor – Lakewood
Maryann von der Horst – Long Beach
Diane Zinn – Long Beach

Addendum: The following was a preface to this Letter to the Editor. It is appended here to provide context.

Some people might wonder why those who live outside of the Los Alamitos Unified School District have been attending its school board meetings and protest rallies against the social justice/ethnic studies (aka critical race theory) curriculum. The answer is very simple. Unless LAUSD guarantees that every graduating high school student will live in the district following graduation, those students are the next generation of Americans and what they will do affects everyone. Some of the undersigned have grandchildren who attend LAUSD.


  1. Critical race theory actually hurts the people who think that it is helpful/correct. It teaches the current generation to blame the past generation(s). No reasonable person is racist but many reasonable people value hard-working, polite, responsible people regardless of skin color. You will be far better off if you spend your time getting a solid education and skills that provide real value to others rather than blaming others. Before you accuse me of “privilege” know that I am multi-racial, raised in a lower middle-class neighborhood where I was a minority even among the minorities.

  2. Let me guess. Every single person who signed that letter is White. And do ANY OF YOU know a single legitimate thing about Critical Race Theory?! Not your opinions, but do you actually know what it’s about?

    1. Erin,

      Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze, and for taking the time to comment on this article.

      For those of our readers ignorant of the particulars of Critical Race Theory, can you offer a book or website that explains CRT?

      Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

      Shelley Henderson
      editor, Orange County Breeze

  3. Sorry I wasn’t home to sign the letter above. We are all effected by bad policy’ in our schools. LosAlamitos schools were at one time the best. It effects property values. When I sold Real Estate in town, the great schools were good sale point.

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