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Doug Ose releases statement on Newsom’s proposed budget

Former Congressman Doug Ose released the following statement on Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed budget:

“The new spending plan put forward by Governor Newsom shows two things very clearly. First, Newsom has had a Recall Epiphany as he sees how vulnerable he is, so he has decided to spend billions of dollars on various programs that have not been successful. Second, none of this new spending is sustainable beyond the next election without massive tax increases.

“This is the heart of why Newsom has to go: his craven intention to maintain his political position at all costs, including throwing taxpayers under the bus and saddling California with an unsustainable financial plan. This is the clarifying difference between politicians and business owners. Politicians like Newsom rarely care about events beyond the end of next week, while business owners like myself design programs that are sustainable.”

This article was released by Doug Ose for Governor 2021.