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Letter to the Editor: Social Justice and Ethnic Studies is based on Critical Race Theory

Dear Orange County Breeze Editor:

As President of West Orange County Republican Women Federated I recently reached out to Los Alamitos Unified School Board member Diana Hill, who is a member of our club, to better understand her reasoning for joining the four Democrats on the board and approve the controversial Social Justice standards/Ethnic Studies curriculum. I was thankful that Diana put up a great effort to keep the proposed elective from being Critical Race Theory. However, giving Critical Race Theory courses and workshops flowery names doesn’t hide its real meaning.

Social Justice and Ethnic Studies can be sugar coated with the best of intentions, but the foundation is based on Critical Race Theory as seen by the people that the Los Alamitos Unified School Board has hired to implement the program as well as the material used to produce the content.

  • The original PowerPoint referenced Christine Sleeter’s work. As you now may have learned, Ms. Sleeter is a radical Marxist.
  • Someone, perhaps Deputy Superintendent, Education Services Ondrea Reed, thought Marxist Sleeter was a good source of material.

There is no reason to allow such a course designed by a Marxist (elective or not) at our community high school especially considering the abysmal record of teaching the basic grade level math.

To the extent that Ethnic Studies is mandated by the state, it should be viewed and taught as a broader course on American Patriotism as more than half the signers of the Declaration of Independence were not born in America. Many of our Founding Fathers represent multiple ethnicities.

Regarding the implementation of “Social Justice” standards: There is no such thing as social justice. If justice is viewed through the lens of race, ethnicity, or any other non-character-based prescript it is not justice.

In my email message to Diana, I encouraged her to watch two short (less than five-minute) videos from Prager University:

  • What is Social Justice?
  • Social Justice Isn’t Justice

Finally, I know that for many years Diana and Dr. Jeff Barke worked together on LAUSD. They had a reputation for being the long-term traditional conservative family values block on the school board. I still believe Diana is a much-needed stable influence that this current progressive board drastically needs. However, her vote on this issue is still very disturbing to Republicans, especially many members in our club.

Most of Diana’s fellow club members remain skeptical and will be monitoring how and what our students are taught.

On behalf West Orange County Republican Women Federated we truly hope Diana will reconsider her support for these Marxist-leaning programs and instead stand up for traditional values. We urge her to not allow this woke nonsense to infect Los Alamitos Unified School District schools.


Nancy Hathcock
Proud President
West Orange County Republican Women Federated