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Janet Nguyen statement: Opposing soft-on-crime policies in Sacramento and protecting our families

At the beginning of this month, the Governor announced the eligibility for early release of 76,000 inmates, including violent and repeat felons.

California has a public safety problem and we cannot risk increasing that problem at the benefit of tens of thousands of violent offenders. In the city of Garden Grove alone, violent crime has risen by almost 15% and property crime is up 35%. Despite these concerning statistics, our state continues to push for soft-on-crime policies that decrease penalties for offenders and find new ways to qualify more inmates for early release.

Today, I submitted a letter to Governor Newsom with my fellow colleagues asking him to reverse his decision to release tens of thousands of criminals and felons.

Year after year, we see bills in the Legislature to decrease penalties on criminals. Numerous felonies have become misdemeanors; the repercussions for crimes have been softened to minor payments or small marks on their record.

Just this last week, my colleagues and I defeated Assembly Bill 333 that would have made it more difficult to prosecute gang crimes.

It is my top priority to protect our communities and keep our neighborhoods safe. I will continue to oppose soft-on-crime bills in Sacramento and encourage leadership reverse their decision on releasing dangerous criminals into our communities.

Please, contact my District Office at (714) 843-4966 and let us know how we can continue to fight to protect our families, schools and businesses. It is an honor serving you in the California State Legislature.

This article was released by the Office of Assemblymember Janet Nguyen.

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  1. You are right and unfortunately most of the policies going in today are political appeasement to misguided emotions towards police – Homicides in Sacramento are up 31% and shootings 144%.

    This is while we are releasing more violent criminals and lowering the bar for prosecution. The response is tone deaf and eventually reality will kick in to show us that when you play with bad policies you win stupid prices. The crime rate will reflect these decisions

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