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Working Wardrobes thanks Cox Automotive for supporting women in the workforce

The pandemic has taught us some valuable lessons. We’ve learned that people can work remotely and be productive doing it. We’ve also learned that we have a long way to go to support women in the workforce.

Women are usually the primary caretakers of families and children and when COVID hit and schools closed, hundreds of thousands were forced to make a very tough decision.

Today, women’s unemployment has skyrocketed.

During the pandemic, many businesses simply didn’t offer the flexibility women needed to maintain their jobs.

However, companies like Cox Automotive epitomize what it means to put their people first.

Recently, I spoke with Cox Automotive employees Susan Elseman, Marissa Lillard, and Amber Gusa. I was so pleased to learn how their company has gone above and beyond to support them in their careers. And, to address the unique challenges brought on by COVID.

From the very start, the company immediately went to work to ensure the wellbeing of its employees with company wide work-at-home orders. What’s more, they sent every employee $1,000 to offset the negative financial impact of the pandemic, as well as supplies and equipment to staff members who didn’t have home offices in place.

Amber, who was working in a small nook in her home, was suffering from neck and back pain and was able to use the money to buy a standup desk. Today, she’s pain free and loves working from home.

Marissa explained that her five children and pets make her house a very busy one. Her supervisors have been extremely understanding of family distractions (and their children have been known to make a few cameo appearances on video conference calls, too!)

Susan has long been working remotely, which is something Cox Automotive allowed her to do well before the pandemic hit.

It makes me so pleased to learn just how supportive Cox Automotive is of its employees and in particular, of women in their workforce!

At Working Wardrobes, we support women, too, and we’re doing absolutely everything in our power to help women get back to work. But we need your help.

Please donate to our Rebuilding Careers scholarship program so that we can provide all the workforce readiness resources women need to succeed on the job.

As the pandemic stabilizes, we can’t lose sight of the lessons we’ve learned. Most importantly, it’s time for businesses to focus on shoring up child care infrastructure and establishing more progressive work-family policies.

In the meantime, Working Wardrobes is focused on helping women retool their skills and rebuild their lives. You can help us by supporting Rebuilding Careers so we can serve even more women in need.

Susan Elseman, Marissa Lillard, and Amber Gusa joined Jerri Rosen on Working Wardrobe's podcast. Courtesy photo.
Susan Elseman, Marissa Lillard, and Amber Gusa joined Jerri Rosen on Working Wardrobe’s podcast. Courtesy photo.
This article was written by Jerri Rosen of Working Wardrobes.