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Threat of violence towards City of Lakewood posted to social media

The Lakewood Sheriff’s Station is aware of the post and the person alleged to have made it.

The Sheriff’s Dept. has told Lakewood city officials that they do NOT believe the threat is credible.

However, the Sheriff’s Dept. is taking all appropriate steps to quickly address the threat and the person who may have made the social media post, which may not be the person identified in the post.


The Lakewood resident cooperated fully with Sheriff’s Department investigators, and investigators now believe that the resident was the victim of what is known as “swatting.”
That’s where someone makes a fake 911 call or other communication indicating a crime has taken place, usually at a particular location, with the intent of creating hysteria and a large-scale law enforcement response to that location.

The Sheriff’s Department does not believe that the social media posting this morning related to potential violence is a credible threat. The Sheriff’s Department will be investigating further to determine who was behind the false post.

The article above was released by the City of Lakewood.