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Letter to the Editor: For the People Act is the Voting Rights Bill for the twenty-first century

I am a student as well as a volunteer for Un-Pac. Un-Pac is a group of young people who are advocating for the passage of HR-1 or commonly known as the For The People Act.

The last year has brought about more government distrust in elections than any other time in American history. People are not sure that their vote counts anymore. 404 voter restriction laws have been introduced in 2021. When money can have a say in who we get to vote for, how can we ensure that those we elect really represent us? This is where the For the People Act comes in. The largest voting bloc in the United States is the nonvoter. Millions of people have lost faith in American democracy. I was one of them. I wondered if my vote really counted when there are so many ways to ensure it does not. This is where the For the People Act comes in. This Act will end gerrymandering nationwide, ends dark money loopholes, allows for publicly financing of elections, grants automatic voting registration, same-day voter registration, online voter registration, and vote by mail. This is the Voting Rights Bill for the twenty-first century. Senator Feinstein has already pledged support for the bill. However, Senator Feinstein has not held a press conference to tell the public how important this bill is. It is imperative that everyone can live out their constitutional rights as citizens to vote in a free and fair election. If you would like to help to get the For the People Act passed, please join us at un-pac.org.

Jamie Blanke


  1. HR-1 is not for the people it is for the party. If in third world countries individuals can manage to get themselves to the a voting booth certainly in America we can manage to do the same. If someone is not able to vote in person let them obtain a signature verified absentee ballot. Taking a stand for the right to vote means putting in the effort to read the ballot, investigate the bills, and presenting oneself at the polling place to cast ones ballot. Keep the citizens of United States of America accountable and responsible for the one ballot they are fortunate to cast every two or four years. Vote NO for HR-1 “For the People Act”.

  2. This bill is one of the worst pieces of legislation ever proposed. Simply put, it makes it easier to cheat. Why the Democrats think a certain segment of the population are too stupid to figure out how to obtain an identification card is beyond reason. It is insulting to say the least. Voter harvesting should be illegal in every state because it opens the door wide for cheating, but I think that is the whole point for the Democrats. They want to be able to continue to cheat their way to victory. HR-1 is appalling in that it would remove all voter integrity from the state’s control. Voting should be easy to do and hard to cheat. This is not the goal of HR-1.

  3. Jamie,
    I agree with you that 2020 had a lot of Americans distrusting the election results and wondering if their vote counted. At least 75 MILLION AMERICANS voted for President Trump and most believe fraud is why Joe Biden (displaying early signs of dementia) is in the Oval Office.
    Joe Biden’s first 100 days have been a disaster unless you like thousands of illegal aliens and possibly terrorists walking in through our southern border, inflation at the gas pump and in the supermarket, hostilities in the Middle East, the United States becoming energy DEPENDENT again, critical race theory indoctrination, and so much more. But at least there’s no tweets.
    The so-called For the People Act should be called what it really is: For the Democrats Act. If passed, and I do not believe it has the votes in the Senate, it would DESTROY DEMOCRACY IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Every American who believes in the U.S. Constitution should contact their senators (even if they are Democrats) and urge a NO VOTE ON FOR THE PEOPLE ACT.

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