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Bulky item pick-up in Cypress a success

From the viewpoint of homeowners, the pandemic-reorganized bulky-item pick-up in Cypress was a great success.

In prior years, residents had to make special arrangements for curbside bulky-item pick-up with Valley Vista of Orange County, or haul their bulky items to the Civic Center and wait (and wait…) in line on a designated day.

This year, thanks to the pandemic, bulky-item pick-up was organized by area according to the regular trash pick-up day. Today was our day for bulky-item pick-up. Residents had been putting out items at curbside for a day or two ahead of time.

Our household put out chairs, a shower door, an old telephone, a Coleman cooler, and more — all busted up in one way or another. Other households put out sofas, ranges, refrigerators.

On our return from the Cypress Farmer’s Market*, we found a Valley Vista trash truck blocking our driveway. We waited with a big smile on our faces as they loaded up the junk and drove off.

Worked great! And from the number of houses with junk at the curb, it was highly popular. Maybe Valley Vista and the City could think about continuing the practice, provided the cost and bother does not overwhelm Valley Vista.

* Rainier cherries are still in season! And peaches! And avocadoes! Check out the Cypress Farmer’s Market, every Saturday in the Cottonwood Church parking lot along Katella Ave.

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  1. I wish Buena park would do this for our city. I called and they want to charge me 50$

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