Hearing Loss Association of America Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter to offer free fun lip reading classes in June. No formal registration — just show up!

Virtual meeting will offer information about why tennis is good for deaf and hard-of-hearing students

Roy Trafalski, Founder and Executive Director of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Educational Athletic Foundation (DHHEAF) www.dhheaf.org, will be speaking to the Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter of Hearing Loss Association of America virtual Zoom meeting, on Thursday, July 8, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. He will speak on why tennis is good for DHH students, how tennis might be good for you (or your grandchildren), and everyday challenges for DHH children.

DHHEAF is an approved project of Community Partners. See www.communitypartners.org. The DHHEAF program will restart with some schools this summer at the Eldorado Park in Long Beach. The program reaches 150-200 kids from different schools. Mr. Trafalski is the only US Professional Tennis Association Certified Tennis Pro in USA dedicated to the DHH. He volunteered with the USTA’s Adaptive Tennis Committee from 2004-2012 and confirms that they are the only DHH tennis program in the United States. Donations are tax deductible as defined by law.

For the meeting registration, please contact [email protected] for the link. For more information, go to www.hlaa-lb-lakewood.org. Hearing Loss Association of America, Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter is a volunteer, support group offering education on coping skills and resources to people with hearing loss to help survive in a hearing world.

The article above was released by the Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter of Hearing Loss Association of America.