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Off the Grid launches Food Responders program in Orange County, partnering with local businesses

Off the Grid (OTG), the Bay Area’s premier food truck and catering experience company, is preparing Orange County for wildfire season well before disaster strikes. The company is bringing its award-winning Food Responders program to Orange by partnering with local restaurants, food trucks, catering businesses and food purveyors to feed first responders and locals in the event that their local community is impacted by wildfires or other natural disasters.

Off the Grid has worked with the State of California and the American Red Cross to identify more than 40 counties that are expected to be the hardest hit locations of wildfire season this year. To help prepare these communities before disaster strikes, Off the Grid is interested in tapping local small businesses with a mission to bring wholesome, delicious meals to those in need.

Off the Grid’s Food Responders program encompasses an inclusive relief platform created to not only support communities and individuals in need, but also lift up small, local business economies typically impacted by emergencies. In 2020, the programs not only nearly 1 million people in the Bay Area, but provided more than $10 million in revenue to restaurants and food truck operators who have been hit hardest during the COVID-19 pandemic and other natural disasters.

In anticipation of wildfire season, Off the Grid is seeking to add more than 200 Food Responders throughout California including Orange County, bringing its fleet of small food businesses to more than 400. Food Responders include restaurants, food truck operators, catering businesses and cottage food purveyors.

More than just a response to wildfire season, Off the Grid’s Food Responder program is intended to provide local support in Orange for other unknown opportunities or natural disasters in the future.

“We’re working with local businesses in Orange County now because we want to help each local community be prepared for the worst,” said Matt Cohen, Founder & CEO of Off the Grid. “When you’re in the midst of a crisis, you’re in panic mode. We want to help support local businesses to connect as emergency resources well in advance of a developing crisis so that they can deploy quickly to meet any need. Moreover, we’re working with these businesses to offer quality, delicious meals that can make someone affected by a natural disaster feel better – both physically and mentally.”

The Food Responders program is intended to be efficient and flexible in order to adapt to the ever-changing nature of disaster relief. By successfully creating and executing these turnkey food relief programs Off the Grid was recently named to Fast Company’s “World Changing Ideas” for 2021.

For more information on Off the Grid’s Food Responders, visit www.OfftheGrid.com.

This article was released by Off the Grid.