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Fresno Bee labels Calfornia gas tax ‘outrageous’

“America is the land of the free and home of the brave, but California wins the title of the most outrageous gas tax.

“And, just in time for the Fourth of July holiday, the Golden State’s gas tax will rise again, to a total of 51.1 cents per gallon.

“The tax goes up July 1, continuing a process that began in 2017 after the Democratic-run state Legislature decided higher fuel taxes were the only means for California to get more money for its huge backlog of maintenance on roads and bridges. …

“Given this shock-at-the-pump reality, California’s nine Republican state senators on Wednesday proposed a gas tax “holiday” in which the tax would be suspended for the 2021-22 fiscal year. “At a time when the state budget is enjoying historic surpluses, Californians deserve a tax break, not higher taxes,” the senators say in a letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom and Democratic leaders in the Legislature.

“That surplus is indeed historic: an estimated $75.7 billion, …

“Signing the letter was Sen. Andreas Borgeas, whose 8th District includes Fresno. “As California emerges from the pandemic-induced recession, the last thing Californians need is another tax increase — especially given that the state has a multibillion-dollar surplus. I respectfully urge the governor to indefinitely suspend this increase to get Californians back on their feet.”

“The Bee’s Editorial Board has argued that California, with its staggering amount of money, should not have to resort to higher taxes on fuel to pay for road repairs. …

“So a Republican call for a tax holiday, … is a great idea, …

“The state definitely needs to fix its roads. California is ranked third worst for roadway quality. …

“Who gets hurt the most? Lowest-income people because gas taxes are regressive, meaning the burden is greatest for those with the least income. The San Joaquin Valley has a high poverty rate.

“Far from the freedom inspired by the Fourth of July, California’s gas charge feels a lot like taxation without representation.”

Click to read the full editorial as published in the Fresno Bee.

The article above was released by the California Senate Republicans.

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  1. The CA gasoline excise tax should be reduced by 2-cents per month for the next 12 months and be permanent. This moratorium is just a political stunt and when the gas tax add-on of 51-cents per gallon vanishes, the wholesale price of gas will go up by 20-cents for example. The producers know they can skim some of that 51-cents away from the consumers while they sit at the pump looking at a 31-cent discount and feel good about it. One step in the direction of reducing the gasoline excise tax is recalling Gov Newsom. The upcoming recall is an opportunity to link Newsom with our high gas prices. All the ads have to do is go to other states in the US, show what state’s XX gasoline excise tax is and their retail price, and compare to CA. The message will sink in real fast.

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