Monument to Hans and Sophie Scholl and the "White Rose" (German: Die Weiße Rose) resistance movement against the Nazi regime, in front of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

Outside referral: Why I volunteer

Robin Itzler, a longtime contributer to Orange County Breeze, explains why she is driven to volunteer her time and skills in an essay at American Thinker:

Across the United States, people of all ages are organizing patriotic rallies, forming MAGA organizations, and creating conservative newsletters to keep the “America First” Trump base connected with those who share our conservative views about faith, family, and country. Most are not paid for their efforts and yet they devote hours each week to getting the word out about pending state and national legislation, woke companies’ insane actions, elected officials to contact regarding specific topics, and upcoming local issues and events.

Why do these patriotic Americans do this? Why do I do it for my weekly Trump Neighbors newsletter? The answer is “off-white rose.”

It’s humble gratitude to the group of young German Christians at the University of Munich that did the same but under life-threatening circumstances…

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