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Letter to the editor: Residents near former Cypress elementary school ask for support

The following flyer has been circulated by residents near the site of the former Swain Elementary School.

Cypress City Residents Near Swain Elementary School there will be a Neighborhood Meeting Wednesday, July 14, 2021, at 6:00 pm at Swain school.

We intend on stopping the Cypress school district from moving their Maintenance/Operation, Transportation and Technology (MOTT) department to the Swain Elementary School property, located at 5851 Newman St., Cypress Ca.

For the school district to do what they are trying to do, they (CSD) need to get a “Change of Use” from the City of Cypress, because the property has a Conditional Use Permit, not a “Use Permit”.

This is extremely important. If we allow them to “change the use” without going through the proper procedures, it will mean that they (CSD) will be able to do anything on that property at any time in the future. They can change it to a City Dump for the school district if you allow them to proceed with this move.

This move will affect the value of everyone’s homes in the Valley View / Orange / Walker / Lincoln square. The biggest reduction in home values will be the homes closest to the school property and the homes where the owners can view the school property. This will also affect noise and traffic and may affect trash and hazardous material that will be stored on the property. If you want to see what this property will look like in a few years, go look at the current Cypress School District maintenance yard located at 5081 Orange Ave, Cypress. This yard looks like a dump and so will the Swain Elementary School property in a few years.

We are having a neighborhood meeting to meet with Mr. Phillip Geurts with the Geurts Law Firm, regarding a class action lawsuit against the City of Cypress. It is their job to enforce the “Change of Use”. You cannot be listed on the class action law suite unless he meets with you at this meeting. He is willing to do this on a contingency fee basis.

We need your help. This action is for all of the residence that will be affected by the Cypress School District MOTT department move. Please be sure to attend the neighborhood meeting at the Swain Elementary School property located at 5851 Newman St., Cypress, at 6:00 pm. Please bring a chair.