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Cypress School District to relocate Maintenance/Operations, Transportation, and Technology department

The Cypress School District will relocate its Maintenance/Operations, Transportation, and Technology (MOTT) department to the Swain campus in December 2021. In preparation for the move, this month the district will begin making minor alterations to the interior space of existing campus structures and add a 2,400 square foot building behind the main building facing Newman Street. This new building will be used for periodic bus maintenance at the Swain site, but district buses will continue to be parked at the city’s maintenance yard on Watson Street.

The district presented its MOTT relocation plan during a virtual community meeting on June 3, 2021. A recording of the presentation is available on the home page of the district’s website under “News and Announcements.”

For more information about the project, please contact Dr. Tim McLellan, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services at [email protected] or Teresa Lennox, Director, Maintenance/Operations, Transportation, and Technology at [email protected]

This article was released by the Cypress School District.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear this. You are moving MORE traffic into residential area. That is not right!! It’s all about MONEY and not the City or the families that live there. Much better place where it is now. I know you want to sell or develop the current property FOR MONEY not the Community. Clean up the the place where it is now. Be good neighbors! Think about the people!!!

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