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Letter to the Editor: A multi-partisan effort to recall Gov. Newsom

Dear Editor,

Should Gov. Gavin Newsom remain in office, there is little doubt that another useless statewide mask mandate and anti-small business lockdown will be on the horizon.

The good news is that the Recall Newsom movement is a MULTI-PARTISAN celebration! The ballot is filled with candidates who are Democrats, Republicans and other parties/no party preference coming together to recall the failing Gov. Gavin Newsom. Of the official candidates, 24 are Republicans, 9 Democrats and 13 are other parties or no party preference.

It’s not just Newsom’s lack of leadership during the pandemic that has resulted in the recall vote, but the many other issues that have Californians anxious to recall Newsom. Here are few reasons that Democrats, Independents/no party preference and Republicans plan to vote yes on the recall:

  • Highest state income [tax] in the nation
  • Highest gas taxes in the nation
  • Growing homeless population and only plan is to house in motels and hotels at taxpayer expense
  • Making California a sanctuary state for illegal aliens
  • Promoting ballot harvesting that enables election fraud to occur
  • Strangling business regulations that cause companies to relocate
  • Increasing violent crime with little accountability for lawbreakers
  • Expanding COVID-19 economic restrictions, among the worst in the nation

West Orange County Republican Women Federated will be holding a “Summer of Love: Love to Recall Newsom” rally on Saturday, July 31 on Seal Beach Blvd. by the Shops at Rossmoor. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Californians from all parties (and even those with no party preference) are invited to don their favorite red, white and blue attire, wave their American flags and encourage the community to Recall Newsom.

The Recall Newsom is multi-partisan! Almost every party/non-party is represented! Whatever your party affiliation, join us on Saturday, July 31 to urge the community to Recall Newsom.


Nancy Hathcock
Proud President
West Orange County Republican Women Federate

At the request of the author, the article above was edited to insert [tax] in the first bullet point. The word had been inadvertently omitted.


  1. Gov. Newsom is a catastrophe for California. Even Democrats see that. I have Democrat friends who are voting for the recall. Everyone needs to vote yes on the recall!!! Save California!!!

  2. Thank you to those who pointed out the omitted word in the first bullet. This allowed us to correct the mistake before the letter is published later this week in local print newspapers. We really appreciate it!

  3. Obviously Ms. Hathcock meant to say: the highest state INCOME TAX in the nation. What are we getting for that? Illegals charging our borders bringing Covid with them. It’s no surprise we have another surge but I haven’t heard much about stopping these virus carriers from continuing to invade. Where is Gavin on this?

    I am still waiting to hear where those masks are that he purchased from China for ONE BILLION of our tax dollars last year. I doubt they were ever delivered. I personally cannot wait to see him out of office. It’s people like Marilyn who have ruined our state by continuing to elect TAX & SPEND Democrats. And then when they’ve had enough some move to another state, taking their liberal ideas with them.
    Yes, this was once a wonderful state but the Democrats have all but ruined it.

  4. No, I will NOT be voting to recall Gov. Newsom. This is clearly a partisan smear campaign, blaming Newsom for all of the alleged ills of our wonderful state. I’m grateful to Gov. Newsom for his handling of the Covid crisis and for keeping California one of the most desirable states in the nation. Vote NO on this anti-Democratic move. We voted him in as our governor, and we’ll vote to keep him as our governor!

    1. Wow! One day you’ll realize how you’ve been lied too by this party. My friends & I are all ex-Democrats and will never vote for another Democrat again EVER!

  5. You go Nancy! Stay away from that Democrat Covid vaccine. It is spiked with a chemical to turn people into liberals. Next time read your copy before you post. Recall Newsom because we “have the highest state income in the nation” ?? Stay away from those evil masks.. remember the old airline ad, “Delta is ready when you are”.

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