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City of Cypress offering Business Recovery Program

As part the City Council’s ongoing commitment to the Cypress business community, the Cypress City Council has created the $500,000 Business Recovery Program to promote business creation, recovery and expansion. Through this program the City will absorb fees for plan checks, permits, inspections and necessary entitlements for existing or new businesses looking to make improvements or expand. Businesses will not need to apply for assistance.


1. City plan check, permit, inspection and entitlement fees for tenant improvements and/or expansion of existing businesses up to $20,000.

2. City plan check, permit, inspection and entitlement fees for new businesses up to $20,000, plus the cost of a conditional use permit if required.

3. Water quality inspection fees for businesses that require an annual inspection.

Any business operating in a commercial zone that is in compliance with City codes and contains an active business license is eligible to participate in the program.

Contact us during normal business hours to answer any questions 714-229-6730

This article was released by the City of Cypress.