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Cypress College students take home prizes in Automotive Technology Competition

Five Cypress College students took home prizes in the Orange County Auto Dealers Association’s (OCADA) Automotive Technology Competition, including first place in the contest.

All five students representing Cypress College are dual-enrolled high school students in the Automotive Technology program, including Christina Do, a Cypress High School College student enrolled in her second semester in the program. Members of the Cypress College team attend either John F. Kennedy High School or Cypress High School during the day.

Students were required to take a written exam to qualify for the competition. Qualifying students were then required to put together a video presentation and a virtual automotive simulation.

Dr. Kathleen Reiland, the dean of Career and Technical Education at Cypress College, said the Automotive Technology Competition provides students with an excellent opportunity to test their knowledge and skills. She also acknowledged Automotive Technology Instructor David Endo’s dedication as key to his students’ success.

“I am very proud of our Cypress College Automotive faculty in helping our dual enrollment students participate in the event and achieve these awards,” Reiland said. “It was particularly rewarding to see a woman, Christina Do, in first place for the first time in 28 years! We are also thrilled that Cypress instructor David Endo’s extra work and commitment to these competitions was recognized, with him receiving the OCADA Teacher of the Year Award.”

The following video presentations were submitted from members of the Cypress College team:

Winners of the program received scholarships and professional automotive tools.

This article was released by Cypress College.