A broadside from Spitzer against Tony Rackauckas opened local general election campaigns even before votes have have been officialized.

District Attorney Todd Spitzer campaign raises $790,000

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer announced his campaign committee has raised $790,000 as of the June 30 reporting deadline.

The total raised included contributions from 667 individual donors and was $416,496.58 greater than Spitzer’s next closest opponent. The campaign reported $547,373.35 cash on hand.

As Orange County residents look across the county line to Los Angeles, and other major cities around the country, they are becoming increasingly alarmed by the rising crime, murders, rapes, robberies, and brazen illegal acts being committed in broad daylight.

One of the common underlying factors in areas experiencing out-of-control crime: radical district attorneys, including George Gascon and Chesa Boudin, who have turned the criminal justice system upside down and refuse to hold criminals accountable.

The same anti-public safety movement that propelled Gascon and Boudin into office in Los Angeles and San Francisco has now set its sights on Orange County, and residents are responding with overwhelming support for District Attorney Spitzer and the job he has done protecting Orange County during his first term in office.

As the District Attorney of Orange County, Spitzer has prioritized public safety, stood up for victims, put violent criminals behind bars, and pursued common sense reforms to make the criminal justice system more transparent and accountable.

“I am extremely grateful for the support, and so proud of my fellow neighbors for standing up and fighting back to keep Orange County safe,” said District Attorney Spitzer. “Only a fool would look at the rising crime, rampant homelessness, and deterioration of quality of life in places like Los Angeles and say, ‘gee, we should make Orange County more like that!’”

“Nearly 70% of my opponent’s donors are from outside of Orange County, and he has made it abundantly clear he thinks he can buy this election with the help of the same woke billionaires who have propped up radical, pro-criminal District Attorneys around the country. My opponent has no business coming within 1000 feet of the DA’s office – he is not the person he portrays himself to be, and he will be exposed,” Spitzer concluded.

This article was released by Todd Spitzer for District Attorney 2022.