Cypress blacked out by Marion substation failure

At 4:25 a.m. this morning, Monday, August 9, the lights went out in Cypress.

The online power outage map maintained by Southern California Edison (SCE) showed nothing.

Looking out the window, we could not see any lights, so the outage was larger than our local circuit.

Our intrepid field reporter strapped on his iPhone and mounted up to see what could be found out.

Some traffic signals were powered, some not. The Cypress Civic Center appeared to have power.

He reported back that something had failed at the SCE Marion Substation at Ball Road and Valley View Street. Edison personnel were onsite and reported that all incoming power had been automatically shut off. Also on-site were personnel from the Cypress Police Department and the ladder truck from Station 17 of the Orange County Fire Authority.

He noticed a peculiar smell that he couldn’t identify.

After leaving the Substation, he drive south as far as Lampson, then turned West. Power was on South of Lampson, and along Los Alamitos Blvd. as far north as Katella, where he turned back East. After turning North on Denni, he noted that power was out East of Denni and north of Cerritos.

SCE has not offered an estimate on when power will be restored.

UPDATE: power restored to our location around 9:30 a.m. A large number of SCE customers remain without power.

UPDATE 2: SCE now estimates power to remaining 10544 customers will be restored by 6 p.m. The reason for the outage is given as “equipment problems.”

UPDATE 3: SCE announced all power restored at 1:19 p.m. The incident has cleared from its current power outage map.


  1. I believe preventative maintenance efforts by SCE on their plant are not like they were years back in efforts to cut costs. Having worked in the communications industry for 30 years, I know the effects of ignoring preventative maintenance on plant, and the costs that are saved short-term end up being paid out big time in the long term. And guess who pays for it?
    You guessed it! Stay tuned for your next rate increase.

  2. The brightness of the lights in my home “spiked” at about the same time — an increase in brightness for only an instant — then everything went back to normal.  Cross-streets: Ball & Beach.

  3. Luckily the power crisis is finally over. The power was just restored in my neighborhood about 20 min ago. My biggest concern however was how frequent is SCE sending crews to provide regular maintenance on their sub stations? There was even rumor of a fire? SCE is the only game in town. There is no other alternative for electricity The state should monitor closely to ensure safety and that blackouts are kept to a minimum.

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