LBPD Cypress Police blotter [featured] 20200101

Cypress police blotter, August 2 to August 8, 2021

The items shown below are selected from the logs of the Cypress Police Department. The police blotter is not a comprehensive listing of police-related incidents in the city, and no inference of guilt is implied in showing any item in the Cypress police blotter.

August 2, 2021

Vehicle Burglary – 10:38 a.m. – 10500 block of Progress Wy. – At 5:30 a.m. on Sunday (8/1), an unknown male driving a white pick-up truck broke into the locked parking lot and pried open several vehicles. There was no loss at the time of the report.
Vehicle Burglary – 10:36 p.m. – 10600 block of Valley View St. – An unknown suspect smashed the victim’s window and took the vehicle registration. Occurred between 2130-2234 hours. There was no video surveillance or suspect information.

August 3, 2021

Vehicle Theft – 6:14 a.m. – 6400 block of Rosemary – At the time of call, an unknown suspect stole the victim’s blue Chevy with a white utility shell. The victim vehicle was possibly followed by a gold Mercedes. Despite the shift flooding the area and immediately searching, police were unable to locate the vehicle.
Injury Report – 6:15 p.m. – Denni St. north of Orange Ave. – A citizen was unloading items from her trunk and fell down in the street, injuring her hip. OCFA responded and transported her to the hospital.
2219 hours – Lincoln & Denni – Arrest – An Officer conducted a traffic enforcement stop and
arrested Faith Rodriguez DOB: 06-13-88 and Jessie Piol DOB: 03-04-82 for possession of

August 4, 2021

Pedestrian Check – 1:14 p.m. – Lincoln/Denni – From a pedestrian check, a male subject was arrested for a PRCS warrant.

August 5, 2021

Traffic Stop – 8:54 a.m. – Knott/Orangewood – From a traffic stop, a female subject was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and a male subject was arrested for an outstanding warrant.
Pedestrian Check – 7:06 p.m. – 9700 block of Paseo de Oro – From a pedestrian check, a male subject was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

August 6, 2021

Burglary – 9:14 p.m. – 9700 block of Holder St. – Between 9 p.m. and time of call, an unknown suspect entered the victim’s garage and stole the victim’s Specialized mountain bike valued at approximately $2000.00.
Child Abuse Investigation – 11:06 p.m. – 4000 block of Cheshire Dr. – Officers were dispatched
to the listed location regarding a child neglect investigation. Upon arrival, a juvenile female made statements of being sexually abused by an adult male who lives at the location. Detectives were notified and responded to assist with the investigation.

August 7, 2021

Traffic Stop – 6:34 a.m. – Valley View/Katella – From a traffic stop, Officers arrested a male subject for an outstanding warrant. The subject was cited and released.
Theft – 7:42 p.m. – 6800 block of Katella Ave. – Officers responded to the area of Target regarding a subject who stole alcohol and was last seen riding a skateboard eastbound on Katella Ave. Officers located the subject in the area of Katella Ave. and Western Ave. and attempted to contact him. The subject fled on foot and hid inside a Jack-in-the-Box restaurant. The suspect was ultimately located and detained without incident. After a positive identification from an in-field show up, Officers arrested the subject for shoplifting and obstructing, resisting and/or delaying an officer.
Suspicious Subject – 10:42 p.m. – 5200 block of Lincoln Ave. – Officers responded to the area of Terra Village apartments regarding a subject possibly stealing two bicycles. On an area check, Officers located and detained the suspect. Officers investigation revealed the suspect had stolen the bicycles from the patios of two separate apartments. One of the victim’s was contacted and desired prosecution. Officers arrested a subject for petty theft, possession of drug paraphernalia and for an outstanding theft warrant.

August 8, 2021

Theft – 9:33 a.m. – 10200 block of Tanforan – Sometime overnight, an unknown suspect stole documents from the victim’s vehicle through an open window.
Theft – 10200 block of Hialeah – Sometime overnight, an unknown suspect stole the victim’s wallet from his unlocked vehicle.

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