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Senators Dave Min, Tom Umberg and Steven Bradford condemn hateful response to newly appointed Huntington Beach Councilmember Rhonda Bolton

Senators Dave Min (D-Irvine), Tom Umberg (D-Santa Ana), and Steven Bradford (D-Gardena) released the following statement in response to Councilwoman Rhonda Bolton’s treatment at her first city council meeting. Senators Min and Umberg each represent portions of Huntington Beach in the State Senate, while Senator Bradford is the Chair of the California Legislative Black Caucus and one of two African American members of the State Senate.

Councilmember Bolton, who took the dais on Aug, 3, is Huntington Beach’s first Black city councilwoman. At her first City Council meeting, a handful of radical extremists greeted her with boos, jeering, and unfounded attacks that appeared to be based on her race, including statements that she wanted to impose a “radical agenda” on the children of Huntington Beach, and that she was “hateful, spiteful, and anti-white.”

Min stated, “This type of thinly veiled anti-Black racism is absolutely unacceptable in 2021, in Huntington Beach or anywhere else. And it is not representative of the values of Orange County or California, despite what a small group of extremist bigots would want us to believe.

“Rhonda Bolton brings an impeccable resume to the Huntington Beach City Council, reflecting decades of private sector experience in dealing with diversity issues and a demonstrated commitment to community service. At a time when we are dealing with so much hatred, division, and racism in our country and our community, Bolton’s inclusive approach to governing coupled with her calm and gracious temperament are much needed. I stand in solidarity with my colleagues in supporting Councilmember Bolton and in condemning the hateful remarks and behavior directed at her. I look forward to working with her.”

Umberg stated, “I began my career as a prosecutor in the 80s defending African American Orange County families from targeted racist attacks — it’s confounding to me that 40 years later we’re still having these conversations.

“The past several years have shown us that we have a long way to go in terms of respect, public decency, and empathy in places like Orange County in particular. I stand with Rhonda Bolton and my colleagues locally and statewide in condemning this vile language and treatment. I sincerely hope the people of Huntington Beach, in particular, will do better in the future.”

Bradford stated, “The prejudice and insidious verbal attacks Councilwoman Bolton experienced recently are a clear example of the foundation of this nation, racism. The core of the objections to Ms. Bolton’s appointment have nothing to do with her ability to serve or her record, but simply her race. The only thing her attackers were missing was their hoods.

“No matter how things have changed in this country, so much remains the same. This incident is a part of a cyclical pattern of intimidation and brutality that African-Americans have experienced since our arrival to this country. We all have a moral obligation to speak out and condemn this behavior in our homes, workplace, and communities. The Legislative Black Caucus stands in strong solidarity with Councilwoman Bolton and remains committed to the fight for equality and advocating for African American representation in all levels of government.”

This article was released by the Office of Senator Dave Min.


  1. How about the absence of any local Republican elected official criticizing the uncivil behavior of the Tito-ites in Huntington Beach. Tito could not take the heat and got out of the kitchen. Florida is waiting for you Tito!! No vaccines and no masks ever required.

    1. M y problem with tito is he took council money and then unemployment money which of course drove him out of office. In fact while on the right I didn’t agree with is stance on masks but he destroyed himself by being a council person with a salary and also claiming unemployment. As for Rhoda, the biggest complain seems to be her policies more on the left like tito’s on the right, and Tito was Latino not white.

  2. If everything is racism, then nothing is racism. How about those boos being because Rhonda Bolton is a radical leftist? Just another way Marxist Democrats want to stifle free speech – use the “R” word. Sorry folks, but we are not buying this.

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