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California Citizens Redistricting Commission releases statement on release of Census data

“Today, the U.S. Census Bureau released the first local level results from the 2020 Census. These data include race and ethnicity, voting-age population, whether units are vacant or occupied, and group quarters information for those living in dormitories, jails or nursing homes. This community level information will be used to redraw the boundaries for congressional, state legislative and Board of Equalization districts. However, the data released today is in legacy format, which requires additional software and formatting to be used for redistricting purposes. The California Statewide Database will take the next weeks to reformat the data and reallocate those Californians in state detention to their last known address for fairer representation. In the meantime, the Commission continues to collect Communities of Interest information from Californians as we wait to receive the appropriately formatted dataset to begin line drawing. We still intend on petitioning the California Supreme Court for a January 14, 2022 deadline to submit final maps.”

This article was released by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission.