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Doug Ose drops out of California governor’s recall

CBS Los Angeles reports that Doug Ose has dropped out of the race to replace Governor Gavin Newsom, should the recall next month succeed:

I regret his departure in particular for one point that he brought up at the candidate debate held at the Nixon Library. During that debate, he asserted that should a non-Democrat replace Gavin Newsom, that person would need to learn how to work with Democrats to get the State’s business done. (I paraphrase.)

That’s true — but perhaps one-sided.

Democrats would also need to learn to work with the Republican governor — unless they plan to ram through legislation using veto overrides.

What California lacks right now is any widespread feeling among Democrats that they need to consult with anyone outside their party.

For the sake of the State and its residents, I want Democrats to have their wings clipped, to be forced to work with the opposition and compromise.

Replacing Gavin Newsom with a Republican would be a start.

Replacing a bunch of members of both the Assembly and State Senate with non-Democrats would also be good.