Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva, representing Assembly District 65 in California, after COVID-19.

Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva urges voters to reject the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom

Career classroom teacher and current Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva and a large group of community leaders today called on Orange County voters to reject a politically motivated recall of Governor Gavin Newsom. Quirk-Silva and the group pointed to the hidden motivations of initiative funders and the dangerous beliefs of the unqualified replacement candidates trying to replace Newsom as governor.

“Like the attempted January 6th overthrow of our national government, extreme elements are trying to grab power outside the normal course of our elections,” said Quirk-Silva. “These insurrectionists are preying on people’s frustrations with the pandemic, pointing the finger at the governor, and telling a bald faced lie that firing him will make things better.

“We can’t let the Big Liars continue to spread their lies unchallenged,” continued Quirk-Silva. “We must vote “No” on this recall. The candidates to replace him, who include people with histories of domestic violence, are dangerous. They have all said they would relax COVID protections.

“Going backwards on the pandemic is idiotic and dangerous. Republican states pursuing the same policies are being crushed by COVID again.

“Voters either have received, or will shortly, their absentee ballots. We implore you to fill out a “NO” on the recall question and mail back your ballot right away.”

The article above was released by Sharon Quirk-Silva, who represents the 65th Assembly District, which includes Buena Park, Cypress, Fullerton, La Palma, Stanton and most of West Anaheim.


  1. There are more than 100 reasons to recall Newsom!

    Sharon Quirk-Silva doesn’t care about the best interests of all Californians. She cares about protecting her party and retaining power above all else!

  2. I can’t believe she would call us liars!! This reminds me of the day she told us if she had read the bill she might not have voted for it. Newsom is a Disaster!! As a former teacher Sharon is concerned about her teacher retirement. Not the children or education in California. He is against School Choice and supports CRT. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!! He and Sharon rely on Teacher’s Union and jump when told to.

    1. If you want to talk about lies, about 3 years ago there were political signs posted by REPUBLICANS everywhere in north Orange County that said “Stop the Gas Tax – Recall Josh Newman”. Well the voters bought that lie by Republicans, recalled Josh Newman, and we still have the same gas tax, plus a little more thanks to an automatic increase that was passed very discretely before recalling Josh Newman. That small lie by Republicans was just a warm up for the big lie of the 2020 election. The Democrats in the Assy and State Senate may actually have to learn how to do their jobs and act like a check & balance when Newsom is replaced by a Republican. The lie of this recall is we will be replacing an unethical money waster not with real solutions, but with ineptness and the Republican version of corruption like we saw in the Trump administration.

      1. You’re kidding yourself. The California State Legislature is not a shining star of aptitude and success. Our state is failing on multiple fronts: taxes, education, infrastructure (especially electricity and water), poverty, homelessness, affordability and others. Democrats have controlled the legislature for four decades and are entirely culpable for the pain and decay happening today. Our decline is the direct result of their misguided policies and preference for public unions and special interests who fund their campaigns over the best interests of all Californians.

        Change has to start at the top.

  3. If you really want to change CA everyone needs to vote, in person, at their polling place. Don’t sit home and bitch. Get off your duff and take your surrendered mail in ballot to your poll and vote in person. Remember to write surrendered all over your mail in ballot so it cannot be used by some jerk who doesn’t believe in voter integrity! VOTE YES!

  4. Sharon Q-S is just another mediocre tax and spend liberal who has the backing of big unions. She doesn’t want her wings clipped by a sane governor who will do everything in their power to stop her people who have brought us:
    1) Worst homeless problem in the country
    2) Worst educational system in the history of Calif. and almost the entire country
    3) Highest taxes in the country
    4) Pornographic sex education starting in grade school
    5) Ballot harvesting & voter cheating to ensure Democrats remain a supermajority
    4) Highest poverty rate in the country
    I’m sure I’ve missed a lot but these are the highlights.
    GOOD JOB DEMOCRATS! Anyone who continues to vote for these left wing lunatics just isn’t paying attention.

  5. Now a legal referendum, supported by over 2 million Californian signatures, on a governor with a long list of failures who ignored his own mandates to party maskless with lobbyists at a restaurant where 99% of Californians couldn’t afford to dine, is an “insurrection” and recall supporters are “Big Liars”? This only proves that Sharon Quirk-Silva is a stone-cold ideologue who puts the interests of her Party ahead of her constituents and all Californians. YES for accountable government. YES for a new, competent governor with integrity. YES to a better future for California.

  6. “article above was released by Sharon Quirk-Silva” Soooo no actual journalist wrote this or verified the information ?

    I see her political career ending soon too.

  7. Looking forward to Joe “the Taliban” Biden and Kamala “Cackling” Harris campaigning for Gavin Newsom. The LA Times is really worried since they are attacking the black Larry Elder for being a white supremacist. Folks, you can’t make this up … VOTE YES ON THE RECALL – and vote in person – because Gavin Newsom is a failed governor!

  8. I understand party loyalty is mandatory for those downstream of the governor. That said, it must certainly be a heavy lift, right now, to support such an incompetent elitist as Newsom has proven to be. He was an inept mayor and is rapidly becoming unhinged as governor. It is time for a change. Being the best at providing a 3rd rate education should not be an aspiration for any state.

    1. Hear! Hear!

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