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Cypress City Council selects Scott Minikus to fill vacant seat

After interviewing all eight applicants, the four remaining Cypress Council members each gave a statement and offered their top pick.

All Council members thanked the applicants.

Anne Hertz spent a lot of time looking for the most qualified candidates, checked references, and shaved her list to two. She recommended Scott Minikus.

Francis Marquez stated unequivocally that the replacement should be a woman. She recommended Rachel Strong.

Mayor Pro Tem Paulo Morales asserted that the person must be able to work with City staff, Attorney, and Manager. He recommended Scott Minikus.

Mayor Jon Peat stated that whoever was chosen would have to come up to speed quickly. He recommended Scott Minikus.

Mayor Peat made a motion to appoint Scott Minikus to the vacant seat. Mayor Pro Tem Morales seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Minikus is expected to be sworn in by City Clerk Alisha Farnell as soon as possible, with a ceremonial swearing-in at the first City Council meeting in September.


  1. This selection process for a vacant city council seat is just like the Newsom recall. No competition between candidates in the group, just go through something really short and sweet and get a seat. The replacement governor just has to campaign for about a month, advertise and make a good appearance or two, then he or she becomes the governor. That is why there were probably more applications for the city council seat than there were candidates in the election last fall. Why go through all that hassle, just apply and interview and hope for the best.

  2. Just wondering why Scott Minikus is NOW so committed to the City of Cypress. Why didn’t Minikus bother to run for the Cypress City Council 6+ months ago and go through the campaign process as others have???
    At least Carrie Hayashida and Rachel Strong, both who interviewed for the open City Council seat, took the initiative and ran for the city Council in 2020. I view this as the Cypress City Council ignoring the people they are supposed to serve. How disappointing!

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