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California voters seek to intervene in the lawsuit aiming to declare recall election unconstitutional

The Dhillon Law Group, Inc. (@dhillonlaw), on behalf of California voters Carla Endow, Lisa Long, and Marllus Gandrud, filed a motion to intervene in the lawsuit A.W. Clark v. Weber, which seeks to render California’s recall election of Governor Gavin Newsom unconstitutional while over a million ballots have already been received.

Click here to view and download the Ex Parte Application for Motion to Intervene.

“Secretary of State Shirley Weber has made it clear publicly that she questions the legality of the recall, and it is reasonable to believe that she won’t defend the 110-year-old recall process as vigorously in court as it deserves, so we hope the court allows us to intervene on behalf of the interests of millions of Californians that this administration routinely ignores,” said the Dhillon Law Group, Inc. managing partner, Harmeet K. Dhillon (@pnjaban). “Moreover, our clients are citizens who have already voted, and as such they have a different interest in the outcome of this dispute than do the government officials appointed by Gavin Newsom, the target of the recall, who are charged with defending state law.”

Excerpts from the lawsuit:
Defendant has publicly stated that there are “some serious problems” with California’s recall laws and that she believes that replacement candidates should not win the recall election with a plurality vote even though that is in California’s Constitution. (RJN, Exh. 5).

In Plaintiff’s distorted theory of democracy, the Court should overturn a 110-year-old provision of the California Constitution to stop an election out of fear that the majority of California voters may decide that they want to recall their Governor

This Court should grant the Applicants’ intervention for two independent reasons:
Applicants have a strong interest in protecting the votes they have cast and their efforts to initiate the Recall Election…

…there is no other party in this matter who can adequately represent Applicants’ interests. There are no California voters or supporters of the Recall Election in this matter, and the sole Defendant does not share the Applicants’ personal interest in ensuring the validity of the votes they cast and the value of the work they have done to support the Recall Election. The Defendant, Secretary Shirley N. Weber, was appointed to her position just seven months ago by the Governor—the official who is the target of the Recall Election.

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  1. No process should allow for a minority to overrule the majority in this State.

    Should a recall be undertaken the sitting governor should also have a place for votes to be cast.

    The constitution should be ammended to say so as well.

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